Directed by Frederik Barington



Starring - Elias Munk, Laura Kjær, Vibeke Ankjær

Runtime - 86 minutes

Danish language with English subtitles.

Part of our Rising Star strand

Having lived most of his life inside the confines of hospitals and medical institutions Sofus, a young terminally ill cancer patient is enrolled in a hospice feeling ready to die. Here he meets Sarah, whose impulsiveness and interesting approach to life intrigues him and a friendship develops. However, Sarah hides a dark past. Her father died of cancer when she was young and she never said her goodbyes. When Sofus relapses Sarah shuts him out of her life, afraid of losing him like she lost her dad.

When The Sun Shines is a moving tale of love and friendship under the most sever circumstances. Frederik Barington's exceptional direction makes sure the film never slips in to mawkish sentiment and instead becomes a powerful take on life, death and grief.

Go see if you liked THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and or DYING YOUNG.