Showing on Sunday March 6th at 12pm @ Odeon Printworks

Directed by Burak Aksak


Starring- Cengiz Bozkurt (Taken 2, Telling Tales), Cihan Ercan (Telling Tales), Erkan Kolcak Kostendil (Let's Sin), Seda Bakan (Behzat Ç.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi)

Runtime- 105 minutes


Kudret has always lived life by the book. Until, that is, his routine is turned upside down by a succession of surprise events. Kudret jumps into his much loved car and sets off for Antep on a journey that will take him from one end of the country to the other. As he clocks up the miles, he makes a bunch of new friends. But at the same time, everything that could possibly go wrong with the car goes wrong and everyone who could possibly go after Kudret and his crew goes after them. By the end of the marathon trip, Kudret will have discovered both the value of true friendship and the delights of living without rules.

Go see if you like...Hal Needham's 'Cannonball Run' or the works of Howard Hawks.



Showing on Sunday March 6th at 12pm @ Odeon Printworks