Screening - Friday 10th July - 7pm
Screen 2 - AMC Cinema

“A compelling, cryptic movie that has style and mystery with a twist.”— Screen Daily

"This debut from first-time director Christopher Houghton is a stirring and masterful mystery-thriller." —Broadsheet

Australian Indies are making some serious waves across the pacific in recent times and ManIFF2015’s opening film ‘Touch’ is another beauty that will knock the xxxx’s out of any cinema goer who loves strong and emotional story telling. Brought to you by the team that co-produced ‘The Babadook’, the dark narrative and a brave and sensational performance by Leeanna Walsman will have you reeling for cover and gasping for air.

Touch - U.K Premiere
Language - English
90 Mins
Director: Christopher Houghton
Writer: Christopher Houghton
Stars: Leeanna Walsman (Star Wars: Episopde II, One Perfect Day), Matt Day (Muriel’s Wedding), Onor Nottle, Shane Connor, Greg Hatton (The Square).

A woman running from a terrible truth hides out in a remote hills town with her young daughter until her past catches up with her and the unthinkable must be faced.