Showing on Friday March 4th at 8pm @ Odeon Printworks

Director and Producer Q and A

Directed by Arthur Kanegis

(United States)

Starring- Martin Sheen, Gary Davis

Runtime- 90 minutes

English language

Director Arthur Kanegis brings to Manchester Film Festival a special sneak preview, work in progress screening of The World Is My Country, the epic story of the daring, controversial, and decades-ahead-of-his-time legendary figure, World Citizen #1 Garry Davis (27 July 1921 – 24 July 2013).  Martin Sheen calls his story “a roadmap to a better future.”

A citizen of no nation, only the world – for 65 years --  Davis was hailed by Albert Einstein for “the sacrifices he has made for the well-being of humanity,” extolled by Buckminster Fuller as “the new World Man”, and challenged by Eleanor Roosevelt to start “a worldwide international government.”

He was not a politician but an actor -- Danny Kaye’s understudy on Broadway.  Yet his bold actions sparked a massive movement which helped trigger the unanimous passage of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and planted the seeds for borderlines to fall across Europe.   His amazing life story made the front page of the New York Times and headlines around the world when he died in 2013, and is now the subject of this forthcoming motion picture produced by FutureWAVE, Inc.  

Davis founded the World Service Authority in Washington DC which issues World Passports, ID’s, Birth and Marriage Certificates and other documents mandated by the UDHR.  The passports have been recognized on a de facto basis by over 90% of all nations.  

“I fell in love with this guy,” says Martin Sheen who introduces Davis in the film.   “He was an actor, a song and dance man, who leapt off the Broadway stage, onto the world stage in 1948, taking on cops, border guards, armies and whole nations – showing us we don’t have to accept a world ravaged by war and plunging towered environmental destruction…  We can build a world that is constructive for all and destructive to none.”  


Showing on Friday March 4th at 8pm @ Odeon Printworks