The Undertaker

Screening - Saturday 11th July - 10:30pm
Screen 9 - AMC Cinema

“An engaging depiction of a lost soul wandering around a land of ghosts” - Hollywood Reporter

Three years in the making this astonishing insight into a way of life, a way of struggle and a way of pride will haunt, amaze, and question any conventional beliefs. ‘The Undertaker’ is more than a documentary…it is a visual manuscript of cultural diversity that needs to be seen to be believed.

The Undertaker - U.K Premiere
Documentary (Coming of Age/Social/horror)
Language – Filipino/ English subs
90 mins
Director: Andrea Capranico
Producers: Bianca Balbuena, Andrea Capranico
Stars: Ivan Garcia, Fabian Robles.JR, Marie Joe Pablario.

Aspiring young chef, Ivan and his fellow watchmen are tasked to bust prostitutes, drug dealers, and murderers in Manila’s darkest cemetery. Here, hundreds of squatters live in improvised shacks that give shelter to a community that stands as close together as it does far apart.