The Long Way Home

Screening - Saturday 11th July - 3:20pm
Screen 2 - AMC Cinema

“One of the most brightest, oppressive, devastating and dazzling Spanish films of the year” - El Mundo 

Borja Espinosa is nothing short of sensational in Sergi Pérez’s directorial debut that throws you into the heart wrenching ride of a desperate man’s journey of sadness and redemption.

The Long Way Home - U.K Premiere
Language – Spanish/English Subs
80 Mins
Director: Sergi Pérez
Writers: Eric Navarro, Roger Padilla
Stars: Borja Espinosa (Plats Bruts), Miki Esparbé, Sara Espígul.

One Morning Joel (Borja Espinosa) wakes up to find his wife’s dog Elvis half dead. This forces him out of his home, something he has avoided for a long time. After leaving his keys inside he spends the day desperately trying to get back into the haven of his flat that has seemingly been his personal prison, away from a world he fears and cannot forgive.