Manchester Film Festival is excited to announce three star studded live panel discussions. All three programmes are completely free of charge and offer a great insight into the world of film. There is limited availability so don’t miss out and book your place now.

In association with Penguin Random House and Waterstones, MANIFF2017 presents ELAN MASTAI TALKS SCREENWRITING – Friday 3rd March 17.00pm @ Odeon Printworks – CITY SUITES SCREEN

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On 2nd March 2017 the award-winning screenwriter Elan Mastai’s debut novel, ‘Our Wrong Todays’, will be released. Elan is most well-known for writing the award-winning screenplay for ‘What If?’ starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver. ‘All Our Wrong Todays’ was the talk of The Frankfurt Book Festival, and has already sold the rights to 25 territories. Film rights have also been secured by Paramount and producer Amy Pascal, and Elan is currently writing the screenplay for development. With mainstream sci-fi being such a big trend this year in films and books (from Arrival to the upcoming reboot of Blade Runner), Elan’s debut novel is really timely. He’s a fantastic speaker and both he and MANIFF are excited to present this in-depth look at the craft of screenwriting.

Please join us after the talk for a drinks reception, Q&A and book signing with Elan Mastai at Waterstones Deansgate, again spaces are limited, so please register your interest for the after drinks by sending an email to Waterstones Manchester Deangate at or call 0161 837 3000

WOMEN IN FILM LIVE Panelled Discussion - Saturday 4th March 12.00pm @ Odeon Printworks - CITY SUITES SCREEN

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Chaired by Film Critic Tom Percival, MANIFF17’s special international female filmmaker guests include Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Stef Dawson (Hunger Games), Tori Butler Hart (Keeping Rosie) and Alicia Slimmer (Creedmoria). This hour long programme will tackle all things pro female in independent cinema and will also conclude with open questions from you the audience.


JURY SELECT LIVE Panelled Discussion – Sunday 5th March 12.00pm @ Odeon Printworks - CITY SUITES SCREEN

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Chaired by MANIFF17 programming director Al Bailey and Film Critic Tom Percival this hour long insight from a selection of MANIFF17’s official Jury will give an inside look at the in competition jury process and find out what they really thought of this year’s selection of films from around the world. Guests include exec producer Gareth Jones (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), writer and Director Matt Butler Hart (Two Down and The Isle), director Matt Wilde (Kicking Off) and casting director Jane Anderson. Again, this programme will conclude with open questions from you the audience.