Student Film

Screening - Saturday 11th July - 11am
Screen 9 - AMC Cinema


(UK - University of Salford)
11 mins
Director: Daniel Watts

Taxi drivers are the eyes and ears of a city, they see and hear it all, it’s a precarious occupation. For many Brits it’s the staple of a night out, drunkenly stumbling in and out of a taxi heading to their favourite nights in the city, letting loose, and expressing their inhibitions and darkest secrets. Cabby is a short documentary about the unique perspective of taxi drivers, unraveling the stories and characters of Manchester’s local cabby community.

Dying to meet you

(UK - University of Salford)
10 mins
Director: Lucy Cassidy

A fly on the wall narrative that follows the trials, tribulations, and definite beliefs of an unlikely psychic embalmer from the north west of England.

Monumenting - European Premiere 

4 mins 
Director: Kadri Koop

Mark Fontana is a third-generation gravestone maker in a small cemetery town where the population of the dead outnumbers the living. For the past 90 years, the Fontana's have monumented the lives of the Bay Area people. Surrounded by the work of his father and grandfather, Mark reflects on his family history and the idea of legacy. A lasting short film that is nostalgic and acutely observant.

Imprisoned - World Premiere 

7 mins 
Director: Elise Vout

A neo-noir psychological thriller about an innocent man who finds himself imprisoned with a convicted criminal. An impressive and intelligent take on inner truths and confinement, Elise Vout is a filmmaker to look out for.

Open 24 hours - UK Premiere

7 mins  
Director: Henry Chaisson

A contract killer gets more than he bargained for after a pit-stop at the convenience store. Superbly executed, intense, gripping and delivered with the right dosage of wit. A real gem find in student filmmaking.

Dark Was The Night - World Premiere

17 mins 
Director: Sam McMullen

A teenage daughter, VIK, and her father, WYATT, eke out trapped lives aboard a crashed spaceship, separated from each other by a pane of glass. But Vik's beginning to get cryptic messages through her radio, messages that sound like they're coming from her mother, long thought dead in the crash. As her relationship with her caring but domineering father deteriorates, the messages increase in urgency, telling Vik to come outside. Soon, she'll have to make a choice she never wanted to - to step outside onto the planet's mysterious, dark surface. A riveting and well executed mystery that has you guessing and intrigued another film that will not disappoint.