Directed by Stephen CooksoN


Starring - Timothy Spall (Mr Turner, Harry Potter, Enchanted, Sweeney Todd).

Runtime - 82 minutes

English Language

Part of our Be Who You Are Say What You Feel strand

Timothy Spall is outstanding in this amusing and often moving story of Stanley, a middle-aged man who enjoys watching classic British films and TV shows from the 1960/70’s. He finds himself in prison for a crime that he believes that he didn’t commit and after many years in solitary confinement his quest to see his daughter for her 16th birthday becomes his obsession. He begins to talk to his comedy heroes from the past as each one tries to help him remember what he has done.

Co-written by Spall and Director Stephen Cookson this is the first time since Alec Guinness in Kind Hearts and Coronets that one performer has played all the principle roles. It is a towering achievement from Spall, who moves from the flamboyant Noel Coward to the grotesque Max Wall via the ukulele playing of George Formby with ease.

Go see if you liked MOON and or SECRET HONOR.