Marriage police, trigger points, a traveller’s tale, innocent danger, and hard drive casualties give us drama on many levels.


Directed by Nicholas Nazari

United Kingdom

Runtime - 18 minutes

English Language

Student Film

Part of our Rising Star strand

Hamilton is an Entry Clearance Officer, a Home Office bureaucrat in charge of scrutinising newly weds who have recently applied for a spouse visa. His job requires him to prove the intangible, demonstrating the true or false nature of the applicants’ love for each other. His judgement is crucial in establishing the authenticity of their bond, and to fail his scrutiny means to risk being singled out as a sham marriage. The abstract precision of a state-run bureaucratic apparatus, however, is pitted against the imperfections of Hamilton’s own less-than-satisfying life and relationships.


Directed by Ilan Srulovicz



Starring - Lance Reddick (Fringe, The Wire, Lost)

Runtime - 26 minutes

English language

Part of our Women In Film strand

Race, perception and consequence become the center point of three lives, as Judge Douglas Matthews can no longer overlook his actions from the bench.


Directed by Pedro Paulo de Andrade



Runtime - 18 minutes

Portuguese language with English Subtitles

Part of our Rising Star strand

Playing as part of Shorts Session 5 on Saturday 4th March at 7:30pm in the City Suites Screen.

Patients from different backgrounds and each telling their own story will spend one night full of thrills and dreams at the mysterious "Memory Hospital".

Still (1).png

Directed by Andy Toovey

United Kingdom

Starring- Eva Jane Willis, Julian Lewis Jones, Jonny Holden

Runtime- 17 minutes

English Language

Part of our Rising Star strand

Only Child is the beautifully shot film in which we watch as an Irish couple go through a life journey dealing with the harsh reality of love and loss. The battle of needing the person you love to be there for you, whilst you be there for them. 


Directed by Ian Allardyce


Runtime - 15 minutes

Mongolian language with English Subtitles

Part of our Be Who You Are Say What You Feel strand

The Mongolia of 1996 was a very different country to the Mongolia of 2015. The sudden transformation to a market economy left health services at breaking point. A mother learns that local doctors are unable to cure her young son’s sudden loss of hearing; and that her son will no longer be able to play his beloved Horse-Head Fiddle. This news does not stop the boy’s older brother trying, with the help of his best friends, to find a cure of their own – no matter how ambitious.