Fighting for life, destination bus shelter, role of a lifetime, the big game, don’t forget your passport, and a house viewing, will leave you enthralled and intrigued.


Directed by Oliver Milburn

United Kingdom

Starring - Sarah Parish (Cutting It, Mistresses), Robert Emms (War Horse, Mirror Mirror, Kick-Ass 2)

Runtime - 14 minutes

English language

Part of our Rising Star strand

Joanna (Sarah Parish) is selling her country home, Steven (Robert Emms) is a prospective buyer. What should be a simple viewing becomes something else entirely...

A film played out in real time as buyer and seller move from room to room: Steven scrutinizing the house and Joanna scrutinizing him. Neither will find what they’re expecting...


Directed by Ben Price



Staring - Ian Puleston-Davies (Coronation Street, Revolver), Jack P Shepherd (Coronation Street). 

Runtime - 17 minutes

English language

Part of our Be Who You Are Say What You Feel strand

Playing as part of the Opening Night Gala on Thursday 2nd March at 8pm and Shorts Session 3 on Saturday 4th March at 3pm in the City Suites Screen with Director Q&A

A piano tuners application for a passport has been referred to a face to face consultation with the heartless 'Interviewer' who appears to revel in the misfortune of others. As the tale goes on we learn why the application has been rejected, however, not willing to take it lying down he turns the tables on the Interviewer and Government, revealing truths that have long been hidden.


Directed by Miranda Howard-Williams

United Kingdom

Runtime - 15 minutes

English Language

Part of our Women In Film strand

Meet Shelby. Feet-up on the backseat, music blaring, she’s mouthy and she’s cocky. Girls like Shelby look like trouble, but there’s more to Shelby than meets the eye.

From the backseat of the bus, Shelby is trying to make sense of the world and the people in it. We hear Shelby’s stories and along the way meet a busload of colourful characters.  Amidst the bags of shopping and miserable commuters 'The Backseat' offers a unique insight into a young girl's view of the world. A world that has mistreated her so far.



Directed by Eden Hadad


Runtime - 14 minutes

Hebrew language with English subtitles

Student Film

Part of our Rising Star strand

Matty and Shabu are in their late 60s. They are undertakers for an Israeli crime organization. They have been partners for forty years now but tonight, after they finish dumping the last body, Shabu will board a plane and leave this life behind. Matty gets instructions from the big boss to 'waste' Shabu after the boss has learnd that Shabu stole 'travel money' from him. 

The Disposers still 1.jpg

Directed by Antoine Bary



Runtime - 15 minutes

French Language with English Subtitles

Part of our Rising Star strand

Vincent is 20 years old - he's a successful actor, both recognized and lauded by critics and the public alike. So much so, that he's been offered a role in the film of the year: a biopic on young Charles de Gaulle. A problem arises, however, when Vincent's parents decide to move to Orléans, forcing him to live on his own for the first time. He thus begins a new life that is as daunting as it is lonely. The film follows his first steps of independence.


Directed by Zack Spiger


USA and France

Runtime - 19 minutes

English Language

Part of our Rising Star strand

“One Sunday” takes place in the American Midlands, the night of the Super Bowl. It’s already dark out when Paul and Robert, two local thugs, follow an elaborate plan to get a man, Jack, out of his house to watch the long-awaited game.