Danger on the streets, the perfect gent, a traveller’s sting, the therapy of Shakespeare, and a boy in a man’s diner, make up a collection of shorts that will both shock and inspire


Directed by Tamzin Merchant

United Kingdom

Runtime - 19 minutes

Starring - Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter, Ripper Street), Maggie Steed (Florence Foster Jenkins), Rakhee Thakrar (Eastenders) and James Smith (The Thick of it).

English Language

Part of our Women In Film strand

A former actress who has moved into a carehome after the death of her husband struggles to remember day-to-day things and can't even recognize her son, but can remember every word of her most famous role: Shakespeare’s Juliet.



Directed by Charlotte Colbert

United Kingdom

Runtime - 15 minutes

Starring - Simon Amstell (Never Mind the Buzzcocks), Cillian Murphy (Inception, Peaky Blinders), Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena, Nymphomaniac).

English Language

Part of Our Women In Film strand

A girl struggles to come to terms with the absence of a lost love. Isolated and totally cut off from the world – she orders a doll, in his exact likeness. Little does she realise, there’s another man just across the street who at the very same moment in time, is falling in love with her.

Still Simon The Silent Man.jpeg

Directed by Karen Allen



Starring - Jeffrey DeMunn, James McMenamin, and Jackson Smith.

Runtime - 30 minutes

English language

Part of our Women In Film strand

We are delighted that Director Karen Allen will be joining us for a post session Q&A

The film “A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud.” is based on the short story by southern American writer Carson McCullers. Set in a roadside café in the early morning in 1947, three millworkers eat their breakfast at the counter while two lost Soldiers have a beer and study a road map. A young boy, who is finishing up his newspaper route in a small town, stops at the café where he encounters an old man: a vagabond just passing through town. The cynical café owner, Leo, keeps his eyes and ears trained on the conversation that develops between the man and boy as the man relates a luminous tale of personal heartbreak and loss and of his hard won understanding of the nature of love. It is a delicate, Zen like passing of wisdom. The film is the directorial debut of actor/director Karen Allen (Raider's of the Lost Ark, Starman, A Year By the Sea).


Directed by Bruno Bini


Staring - Jonathan Haagensen (City of God), Giovanni Araújo (After The Fall).

Runtime - 20 minutes


Part of our Be Who You Are Say What You Feel strand

Three Kinds of Fear follows the story of a lawyer Leo, in Novo Colorado who has been assigned to defend “Froggy,” who is accused of murder. Follow this story as it takes you through the reality of gang crimes and Leo’s battle between his wife’s fear and his need for money. 


Directed by FRANK MAGREE
Co-directed by PAUL HENRI



Runtime - 11 minutes

English Language

Part of our Be Who You Are Say What You Feel strand

The story follows a gripping tale based on true events. An Australian traveler cleverly befriends tourists in Indonesia for his own benefit. Through self-narration, Drew takes us on an unforgettable journey of how greed can corrupt one’s happiness. A seemingly innocent conversation on the beach leads Drew to make an erroneous decision.