Showing on Friday March 4th at 10:15pm @ Odeon Printworks

Directed by Naël Marandin


Qiu Lan, Yannick Choirat (Skin and Bones, La marcheuse), Philippe Laudenbach (Of Gods and Men)

Runtime - 80 minutes


Lin Aiyu, an illegal  Chinese immigrant, lives in the neighbourhood of Belleville in Paris, with her teenage daughter Cerise. They are staying at Kieffer’s, a bedridden septuagenarian, who  Lin takes care of in exchange for accommodation. To earn a living, Lin also prostitutes herself, but she carefully keeps her business secret from her daughter.
One day, a wounded stranger, Parisian native Daniel, forces his way into the old man’s home. Pursued by men to whom he owes money, Daniel forces Lin to hide him. In Lin’s view, Daniel is a threat but he could also be a life-changing opportunity. She offers him a deal which will give rise to a struggle in which power and desire will mingle with one another.

Go see this if you like...Don Siegel's 'The Shootist' or Pier Paolo Pasolini's 1962 'Mamma Roma'.


Showing on Friday March 4th at 10:15pm @ Odeon Printworks