The Manchester Film Festival 2016 un-commissioned Screenplay Competition.

The winner will be announced on Sunday March 6th at the festival’s closing awards ceremony and they will receive an official Worker Bee award, Final Draft 9 and their work presented to U.K independent exec producers.

The five finalists shortlisted from this year’s vast and high quality submissions are…


Sundae Jahant-Osborn

(United States)

When a trailer-park family inherits a posh LA home and struggles to fit in with snobby neighbours , a desperate lie about a bogus "luxury vacation" leaves them forced to actually take one...hiding in their basement!


Daniel King and Iain Greenaway

(United Kingdom)

When a drug addled vicar is given a month to save his church he stumbles across a deadly solution - his flock may be worth more to him dead than alive?


Raymond Kelly


A 1970’s suicidal ice hockey pro must fight to save his surviving teammates after a return cross country away game road trip has led to disaster.


Rizwanul Haq

(United Kingdom)

A prominent doctor learns to overcome his grief and guilt for his late wife when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with an escort who offers a “Girlfriend Experience”.


Gilbank Renhard

(United Kingdom)

The White House is haunted. Centuries of wars, plots and politics have soaked into its walls. Now those who lived and died there have returned to make their move and the only one who sees the threat is the First Lady, who happens to be a drunk.