ManIFF Screenplay Competition 2015


ManIFF 2015 are proud to present the finalists of our un-commissioned screenplay competition. Short-listed from over 200 submissions our 6 selected screenplays will now compete for the prize of having their material packaged by industry professionals to present to prospective production companies. The winner of the competition will be announced at our awards ceremony at 265Live on Sunday 12th July 2015.

The amazing finalists are... 

Grace - Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel


Born into privilege in the 1800s, the eponymous Grace devotes her life to her daughters as well as to the poor and dispossessed immigrants of Montreal. When personal tragedy forces her return to Scotland, Grace embraces the struggle against the ethnic cleansing of the Gaelic people, sharpening her conflict with her own family and pitting her against brutal forces.


Blessed Are the Peacemakers - Rupert Hicks


Colorado, 1912. After a botched escape from a train heist, Edie- a young, wounded outlaw- takes refuge with a retired Texas Ranger, but her violent, double-crossing brother Tom is determined to find her and claim the loot. Over the winter, the young criminal and old lawman develop a deep friendship that is tested when Tom comes knocking on the old man's door.


Tree of Lies - William Simon

United States

A troubled athlete with a secret past weaves a fabric of lies about himself while struggling to build a relationship with a stranger who he cannot reveal is the most important person in the world to him.


Zivot za vodou - Miro Sedlacek.

Czech Republic

 A once notorious Czech criminal is offered work in the U.K from his estranged son.


The Fragile Satisfactions of Us and Them - Patrick Curran

United States

Diagnosed with a fatal blood disease, Mick Doyle, an ex-IRA man, returns to England in search of a young woman whose parents he killed in a terrorist plot twenty-five years earlier.

The Night Witches - Steven Prowse


With wood and canvas biplanes, no radio, no lights, no defenses and no parachutes, just bombs, these WW2 Soviet pilots terrorized the German front line night after night. They just happened to be women. A true story.