Jen McGowan / United States / 104 Minutes / English Language

Starring: Hermione Corfield, Jay Paulson, Sean O'Bryan, Micah Hauptman, John Marshall Jones


Sawyer Scott is a smart and ambitious college senior who seems to have the world on a string. But beneath her veneer of invincibility she is vulnerable, uncertain, and obsessive. When a detour on the way to a job interview takes Sawyer through the frozen Appalachian Mountains, a series of calamities land her in a life or death struggle. Wounded, lost, and hunted by dangerous criminals, Sawyer confronts her own mortality for the first time.Pushed to exhaustion by the elements, Sawyer finds an unlikely ally in Lowell Pritchert, a mysterious recluse whose motives for helping her are suspect.

Playing on Friday 8th March at 10:15PM and Sunday 10th March at 3:15PM