Starring - Andréia Ferriello, Antonio Jorge Dantas, Biah Carfig, Bruna Lessa, Henrique Guimarães, Jamile Tasso, Júlio Silvério, Lucas Oranmian, Maira Sera, Rod Jubelini, Talita Contipelli and Yuri Bathista.

Runtime - 71 minutes

Portuguese language with English Subtitles

Part of our Be Who You Are Say What You Feel strand

Brazilian filmmaker Luciana Canton directs this startlingly powerful film that asks the audience to confront the ways in which we deal with sexuality and love on both public and private levels. Over four seasons, four stories are told - a young man come to terms with his sexuality, a prostitute and her client become lovers, a transgender teacher is blackmailed and a woman's desire sees her succumb to madness. 

Urgent and profound themes are vividly examined by a collective of artists who worked with no real script and no real money. Public Intimacy is raw and uncompromising film that dares bring fresh stories to the surface. 

Go see if you liked THE WAY HE LOOKS and or WILD TALES.