New festival logo revealed...

MANIFF is pleased to announce that the Manchester worker bee is to be its official emblem.

The symbol of the bee was used to portray Mancunians’ hard working ethos during the industrial revolution, in the 19th century.

The winner of the best film of the 2015 festival will be the first to receive the annual Golden Bee award. Other categories that include best screenplay, best feature, best short, and best director will receive a collection of accolades that comprise of ’ The Silver Bee’ and ‘Bronze Bee'.

We will be working with local Manchester artists to create the official MANIFF bee that will adorn all our awards.

MANIFF is really beginning to take shape with a hive of activity buzzing around the MANIFF headquarters on a daily basis. The prospect of establishing Manchester within the international film festival community is becoming a stronger proposal with every minute that passes. We’ll be busy working together to make this happen and will share all our updates over the coming months in the build up to this exciting event. Watch this space!