Directed by Eva Vitija



Runtime - 77 minutes

Student Film

German/Swiss German language with English subtitles

Part of our Women In Film strand

When Eva Vitija came of age, her father gave her a feature-length film about her life. It infuriated her, because she had attempted to get away from his camera all her childhood. Her father, filmmaker Joschy Scheidegger, documented his family obsessively. It was only when he died that Eva was impelled to take over not only his extensive film archive, but also his camera. My Life as a Film is a personal search for the difficult yet healing truths hidden behind her father’s pictures.

Through her film Eva Vitija gives her past back that element of intimacy that her father’s camera seems to have stolen from her, re-establishes the bond that tied her not only to him but also and above all to herself. A surprising and philosophical family story about filming and the attempt to capture life. A powerful debut film with unexpectedly universal appeal that doesn’t shy away from portraying the small and big flaws that make us human.