Music Video

Screening - Saturday 11th July - 11am
Screen 9 - AMC Cinema

Emperor of Nowhere

3.38 mins
Director: Gotti Sigurdarson

The video for Emperor Of Nowhere is powerful and eye-catching. Directed by Icelandic artist and director Gotti Sigurdarson, Norwegian artist Kate Havnevik’s long-term collaborator. Emperor Of Nowhere treads a dark path and is a beautifully sinister track with a matching video to go with it. Using uv-lights, uv-bodypaint and stop animation technique the singer morphs into different looks, and in the end she melts into the background as a part of an overgrown sinister tree. Emperor Of Nowhere and its inhabitant is engaging in an eerie way. “You're the emperor of nowhere and no one gets out alive from here”.

Vertinginous Hole

3.58 mins
Director: Gueret Emilie 

A darkly portrayed fairy tale adapted to the modern world. Uneasy and affecting music video that mixes quirky visuals and striking sounds in equal measures.

Fractures- 'It's Alright'

4.22 mins
Director: Matthew Chuang 

A man returns to a place he once called home. Nature and decay have taken over but the memories are still strong. He brings life back to Pripyat, Chernobyl - hoping to capture how it was and how it could have been. Haunting and mesmerising throughout this is a music video that needs to be seen.  


4.32 mins
Directors: Double Ninja

Featuring music from ‘Brandy’ and ‘Niles Rodgers’ ‘Magic’ tells an exuberant visual story of the meeting between a gold queen and a silver king in a Baroque and Sci-fi universe.