Peaceful Life    

Directed by Sebastien Bellaval

Runtime - 5 minutes  

Playing before Creedmoria

A homeless man lies in a crowded street. Ignored by the pedestrians, the old man is robbed of one of his only possessions : a football. 
To take it back, the poor man stands up and shows everyone he is not only what he looks like.

"Its Not The End of The World" - The Hide    

Directed by Marielle Tepper    

Runtime - 3 minutes

Playing before Das Wassup

Set in a surreal retro futuristic world, we examine the future of modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences our species.

Sofie Winterson - Dreams

Directed by Bear Damen

Runtime - 4 minutes  

Playing before The Journey is the Destination

'Dreams' is a music video for Dutch artist Sofie Winterson. The video is a noir-inflected tale of 2 teenagers' intertwined lives. We see slices of their story, in which angst and music directs them towards each other. They might lose each other through ghostly decisions of their families. The video premiered on acclaimed 'Nowness' online magazine, and was selected Vimeo Staff Pick.

Schoolboy Q 'John Muir'    

Directed by Scott Fleishman  

Runtime - 4 minutes    

Playing before No Roads In

In the music video for Schoolboy Q's modern gangster rap anthem 'John Muir', a story of reckless abandon and rebellion in the streets of Los Angeles unfolds from the point of view of a stolen El Camino, as two teenage boys fall into an endless cycle of violence and karma. 'The concept of change is second rate to change. Either way around the cycle still remains.' 

"Fireball" - by MOVIESTAR  

Directed by Johanna Raita    

Runtime - 6 minutes    

Playing before My Life As A Film

A song and a music video dedicated to the famous concert pianist Nataliana Strelchenko, who was brutally killed by her husbond last year. It is a murder ballad and a requiem to this beautiful soul. And a project that aims to raise consciousness about domestic violence. The project is supported by the David Lynch Foundation and all income from the song goes to the organisation for helping victims of domestic abuse.