Showing on Saturday March 5th at 12pm @ Odeon Printworks

Producer, Writer Q and A

Directed by Shawkat Amin Korki


Starring- Hussein Hassan (Crossing the dust), Nazmi Kirik (Bizans Oyunlari), 

Runtime- 97 minutes


After Saddam Hussein's loss of power in Iraq, childhood friends Hussein and Alan decide to produce a film about the 'Al Anfal' Kurdish genocide. But making a film in post war Kurdistan is not easy. And the most difficult task seems to be finding a leading actress. Suddenly they find her: young, beautiful - and passionate about their project. 
But she cannot decide on her own. Her cousin and her uncle control her fate. As they run out of money and time, Hussein and Alan sacrifice everything to keep on filming but will the film ever reach the screen? 

Go see this if you like...François Truffaut's 1973 classic  'Day for Night' or Vincente Minnelli's 'The Bad and the Beautiful'.


Showing on  Saturday March 5th at 12pm @ Odeon Printworks