Many Beautiful Things

Screening - Saturday 11th July - 1:15pm
Screen 2 - AMC Cinema

An untold story of an amazing British woman brought to the screen with extreme wonder and elegance. Be the first to see a masterful docudrama that is sure to be seen the world over.

Many Beautiful Things - World Premiere
(United States)
Language – English
Documentary (Biography/English History)
70 Mins
Director: Laura Waters Hinson
Stars: Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey, Non-stop, Hannah), John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings), Ashley Lane Adams.

From Executive Producer Hisao Kurosawa comes the untold story of one of the world’s greatest women artists. Many Beautiful Things plunges
viewers into the complex age of Victorian England to meet Lilias Trotter, a daring young woman who abandoned the possibility of great artistic success to pursue her true calling. Through the letters and astonishing paintings she sent to her confidant John Ruskin the intriguing story follows Lilias from upper class London to the slums of Algeria.