Check out the official selection from the 2016 festival as well as videos and photos form the event.

official selection

2015 Award Winners

Film of the festival - Desert Cathedral
Best dramatic Feature film - Desert Cathedral
Best dramatic short - Everything will be OK
Best Director - Sergi Perez ( The Long Way Home
Best Screenplay - Beverley ( Alexander Thomas)
Best Actress - Julia Pointner (Everything will be OK)
Best Actor- Borja Espinoser
Best cinematography - Love is Now
Best edit - Touch
Best UK Film - Two Down
Best documentary short - Dance of the people
Best documentary feature - American Native
Best Experimental film - Sing the Sand into Pearls
Best music video - Vertiginous Hole
Best Student film - Dark was the Night
Best score - Is This the real World
Staff Pick - Buskin' Blues
Audience Award - Caring for the Recently Deceased
Best International Film - Samma Som Du
Best Animation - Coyote and the Rock
Best Production - The Imago
Screenplay competition Winner - Zivot Za Vodou