love is now

Jim Lounsbury’s feature film debut has an intoxicating beauty…it may not generate as much conversation as something like The Babadook but one that’ll stay with you for just as long.” – Cinema Australia

A stunningly produced love story with a kick.  Abstractly formulated, this is a boy meets girl road trip with an ending that won’t disappoint.

Love is Now - U.K Premiere
Language - English
Love Story/Mystery
96 mins
Director: Jim Lounsbury
Writers: Jim Lounsbury (Story), Behren Schulz
Stars: Eamon Farren, Claire van der Boom (The Square), Anna Torv (Fringe), Chris Haywood (Shine).

Love torn photographer Audrey (Claire Van Der Bloom) and aspiring snapper Dean (Eamon Farren) both embark together on a formative country adventure following the NSW harvest trail where they discover more than they ever expected along the way.