Directed by Erin Derham



Runtime - 33 minutes

English Language

Using his family wealth, tenacity, witty, and incorrigable charm, Julian Price inspires policymakers and entrepreneurs to do the impossible — transform a vacant, deserted downtown into a livable, vibrant center of commerce and culture. 

Driven by the beauty of its landscape and the potential in its vacant Art Deco architecture, Price searches Asheville for the brave, hardworking dreamers, and provides them with a miracle — capital for expansion in exchange for improving downtown with their presence. 

This film was paired with a compilation album between bands spanning all genres and the Asheville Symphony Orchestra. Bands include Steep Canyon Rangers, LIzz Wright, Rising Appalachia, Lovett, Doc Aquatic, and Matt Tonwsend. Grammy winning composers arranged the music to pair beautifully with Julian's story of collaboration and intention.