International Dramatic Shorts

Session 1

Screening - Saturday 11th July - 4:15pm
Screen 9 - AMC Cinema

What If - World Premiere

2 mins
Director: Riza-Rocco Avasar

Part sci-fi fantasy, part cautionary tale about one young man’s visit to a modern day supermarket. A subtle brief about the oppressive experience of a mind that is unable to make a decision.

The Answers - European Premiere

8 mins
Director: Michael Goode

Immediately after his death, the victim (Daniel Lissing- When Calls the Heart) of a car crash gets answers to every question he's ever had about his life, including the most important one of all - what did it all mean? A seamless and original short film that blends humour with a beating heart, beautifully.


El Hueco - UK Premiere

14 mins
Directors: Daniel Martín Rodríguez and Germán Tejada  

A grief-stricken husband, who attempts to buy the plot next to his wife’s grave, goes to extreme lengths to ensure that he will be the one whom she spends eternity with, in this surreal comedy about jealousy and obsession. 

Bis Gleich - UK Premiere

20 mins
Director: Benjamin Wolff

An unspoken connection between two elderly neighbors, who share a daily ritual but who have never actually met, deepens when they face the inevitable...together. Beautiful heartfelt story telling executed with patient perfection.



Everything Will Be OK - UK Premiere

30 mins
Director: Patrick Vollrath

A divorced father (Simon Schwarz- Silentium, North Face) picks up his eight year old daughter, Lea. It seems pretty much like every second weekend until after a while Lea can’t help but feel that something isn’t quite right with her increasingly agitated father. This powerful peace will have European cinema talking throughout 2015, about one of the most emotionally enthralling endings you are likely to see for a long time.


Session 2

Screening - Sunday 12th July - 12:45pm
Screen 9 - AMC Cinema

Cart - international premiere

11 mins
Saudi Arabia

Director: Mohammed Salman 
A simple cart is the star of this film about a family and community that relies upon a wheelbarrow to survive. A cute portrait of dependency and the importance of life’s essentials.

Del Ciego Desert - UK Premiere

12 mins
Director: François Leduc

At Del ciego desert, two gunfighters who are both plagued with a squint duel in order to avenge the massacre of their own families in this darkly comic farce.

Unbelief - international premiere

13 mins
Director: Fabien Martorell

Tobin Bell, alias the in-famous ‘Jigsaw’ from the Saw series, gives a mesmerising turn alongside Andrew Howard (Limitless, Taken 3) in this based on a short story by international best-selling author Michael Marshall Smith. Adapted to the screen by the original author ‘Unbelief’ tells the story of two men meeting in a park on cold Christmas the night in New York City. One man has come to kill and one man has come to die…the inevitable must happen but not before a fascinating personal exchange that explores the soul of the two men’s existence in this Christmas film with a difference.


8 Aranas- UK Premiere

12 mins
Director: Daniel Lecanda 

An obsessive-compulsive man is obligated to go through an experiential therapy on a woman in order to cure his arachnophobia. An unflinching and belly laughing delight that takes farce to another level.


Samma som du - International Premiere

26 mins
Drama/Coming of Age/Mystery
Director: Philip da Silva

The day has arrived for Tanja (Happy Jankell - Portkod1321/1525, Jordskott) and her mum (Annika Hallin - The Girl with The Dragon Tatoo trilogy, Morden, Wallander) as they prepare for the big operation. What will life be like with only one arm? Can you continue your life as usual and still be accepted for who you are? Tanja runs away from the hospital in a panic, tying her arm to her body with a belt and hiding it under her shirt. She needs to be convinced that nothing will change…