Experimental Film

Screening - Saturday 11th July - 11am
Screen 9 - AMC Cinema

Inbetween Frames - World Premiere

1.15 min

Director Mariam Eqbal 

In-Between Frames is a part of a series of works that are experimental and explore the fundamentals of animated motion through repetition. The work is an inquiry into the unlimited in-betweens of movement as it courses through time and space. I’m interested in repetition as the simple rule fundamental to the process through which complexity arises.


Horizon - International Premiere

2,38 mins

Director: Stephanie Barber

A brief poetic collage of 16mm home movie footage from Egypt in the 1950s, elements of Capra's "Lost Horizon" soundtrack and a small and frustrated boy. 
There is so much to say about Shangri-La. It is, like the horizon, always present, always out of reach. “You need not attach whistles to the wings of birds to locate it. It is right over there. Look”.


Descent - World Premiere

4.55 mins

Directors: Antoine Marc, Drew Cox 

A man crawls to his death. Spilling out the essence of life, he envisions vivid memories to accompany his decline. A breath-taking delivery of movement within a powerful story.


Sing The Sand Into Pearls

3.00 mins

Director: Raquel Claudino

Embraced in a dance of rebellion, ‘Sing The Sand Into Pearls’ tells the story of three women who escape from a self-centered society and celebrate genuinity in a hideaway ritual. Raquel Claudino debuts in a contemporary dance film, exploring the raw beauty of the performers across a city charged with history and mysticism. Set in Lisbon, a metropolis with flaws, they narrate their journey through a delicate dance that brings us all to a parallel sphere. An experimental project where international artists collaborate with the director to create a subtle but nonetheless daring narrative.