Short documentaries will play ahead of documentary features.


A Conscious Dream

Created by Giuseppe Oliverio - Directed by Federico Telerman and Nicolas Uboldi


Runtime - 19 minutes

Photographic Museum of Humanity is the first online museum dedicated to photography.

Every year we travel across South America to spread the project and explore the relationship among photography, cultures and contemporary society. In March 2014 we drove 6,000 km across Chile on the Museum Van. We crossed the Andes, reach the Pacific Ocean and pass through the Atacama Desert.

This is a documentary about the people, moments and stories we met on our way.

Playing ahead of World is My Country at the Odeon on Friday March 4th at 8pm

A System of Justice

Directed by Jane Wells and Brad Rothschild

(United States)

Runtime - 9 minutes

In 2014, Glenn Ford was exonerated after spending 33 years on death row for a crime he did not commit. After his release Ford suffered further injustices: he was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer and Louisiana State refused to pay any compensation for his time in prison. An intimate portrait of Ford as he nears death, A System of Justice seeks to succinctly explain the devastating human consequences of the broken criminal justice system in the United States.

Playing ahead of All Rise at the Odeon on Saturday March 5th at 2:30pm

A frame

Hey everyone!! Here's a little teaser clip from the film "A-Frame!" Please enjoy :)#AframeFilm #DannySepkowski #HawaiiWaveImages

Posted by A-Frame on Monday, July 20, 2015

Directed by Reno Champ

(United States)

Runtime - 6 minutes

Surf photography at it's core.


Playing ahead of Art Bastard at the Odeon on Friday March 4th at 5:30pm

Harry's Gift

Directed by Alexandra Isles

(United States)

Runtime- 30 minutes

When he received the call to clean out the apartment where Harry Shunk, a reclusive hoarder, had died alone, forgotten and without heirs, Darryl Kelly was unaware that his life was about to change. HARRY'S GIFT is the story of the unlikely meeting of two fates. One man with too much and one with too little. A story about a cosmic wink that changed a life.

Playing ahead of Dennis Rodmans Big Bang in Pyongyang at the Odeon on Friday March 4th at 12pm

It Takes two hands to clap

Directed by Nadya Shah

(United States)

Runtime - 19 minutes

A group of folk musicians from Pakistan visit small towns in America as part of a larger muslim cultural engagement project.

Playing ahead of Vince Giordana - There's a Future in the Past at the Odeon on Saturday March 5th at 8:15pm

Mystic Jungfraujoch Top of Europe

Directed by Markus Eichenberger


Runtime - 3 minutes

A short time-lapse movie about the amazing Jungfraujoch station which is towering over Grindelwald at 3454 meters (11'000 feet) above sea level. It is one of a few High Alpine Research Stations in Europe. 

Markus got the permission from the Research Station to stay 2 days at Jungfraujoch which is off limits for tourists at night. It was an amazing experience. Everything was shot within 48 hours from May 17th to May 19th. The first night was a New Moon with very clear skies. It was a great opportunity to shoot the milky way. The second night wasn't very clear but it was ideal to capture some interesting cloud formations.


Playing ahead of Dennis Rodmans Big Bang in Pyongyang at the Odeon on Friday March 4th at 12pm

Nail House

Directed by K. S. McMullen


Runtime - 10 minutes

NAIL HOUSE (钉子户), a term coined by Chinese developers to describe the house whose residents refuse to make way for new construction, is the debut of filmmaker K.S. McMullen. In Shanghai, an old man takes on a relentless army of builders, cranes and bulldozers to defend his ancestral home. But the city he loves doesn’t love him back. In this dark, poetic docu-fiction, narrated by Don McCorkindale, the charm of Old Shanghai clashes with raw demolition footage and artistic impressions of a hopeless war.

Playing ahead of Art Bastard at the Odeon on Friday March 4th at 5:30pm

You Better Take Cover

Directed by Harry Hayes


(28 minutes)

Down Under by Men At Work is suddenly brought under scrutiny of plaigerism, after a music quiz show reveals some similarity to an iconic Australian nursery rhyme.

Playing ahead of Lunar Orbit at the Odeon on Saturday March 5th at 10:15pm