Short Documentary

Screening - Saturday 11th July - 12:30pm
Screen 9 - AMC Cinema

The Last Little Show At The End Of The World
UK Premiere

8 mins
Director: Rhys Edwards

The Last of the Entertainers invites us into his world and shares the secrets of his success along with the difficulties of being on the road and the challenges that such a life can bring. A tender story of a self-content life which is visualized with grace and intelligence. 

Dance Of The People - World Premiere

10 mins
Director: Marc Menish 

A feast for the eyes and ears, this film introduces us to the ‘Green Grass Cloggers’ who have elevated precision clogging to new levels of dancing in unison while moving through figures. Twirling skirts and high kicks to the sound of old-time music, we dare you to try and remain still.

Sun Village - UK Premiere

12 mins
Directors: Zoey Lee and Matthew Belbin

A moving documentary about a former policewoman who left her job to look after convicts’ children, saving them from a life on the streets and all the dangers they would be exposed to.

It's My Birthday And I'll Fly If I Want To - UK premiere

12 mins
Character/Self Expression
Director: Morgana Muses 

Morgana Muses is ready to experience flying while becoming art in this alluring confessional of a film where the heroine bares all in a process of introspection and self-discovery.

Code Oakland - UK Premiere

21 mins
Director: Kelly Amis

A stone’s throw from San Francisco’s high technology centre (Silicon Valley), Oakland’s diverse community provides the perfect ground for one man’s mission to bring hope to young people who would never believe they could be successful innovators.