Directed by Mark O'Connor



Starring - John Connors (King of the Travellers, Breathe), Mark O'Connor (Between the Canals), Kierston Wareing, Gemma-Leah Devereux, Lydia McGuinness (Sing Street).

Runtime - 91 minutes

English Language

Part of our Be Who You Are Say What You Feel strand

Jay Connolly is a part-time DJ and low level drug dealer in North Dublin, an area victimized by gangs, drugs and social problems. When his welfare is cut off he decides it’s time for him and his gang to enter the big leagues. This attracts the attention of the local King Pin and sets Jay down a violent and bloody path. 

Driven along by a powerhouse performance from John Connors this is an intense film from Director Mark O'Connor, who manages to blend Scorsese style panache with Ken Loach realism. With it's authentic North Dublin setting this film shines a light on the type of communities that are often forgotten in the world of cinema and brings them to the forefront. It is a film that is forever teetering on the edge of violence yet captures the allure of crime and the spirit of friendship.

Cardboard Gangsters is not easily forgotten.

Go see if you liked LE HAINE and or STATE OF GRACE.