Buskin’ Blues 

Screening - Sunday 12th July - 6:30pm
Screen 9 - AMC Cinema

Buskin’ Blues director Derham clearly has an eye for what makes a great story” - Film Wax Radio NYC

Capturing the charm of America’s busking capital Asheville and the people who are as much as part of the city as the streets are, this warm souled film plays out the soundtrack of one code and many stories.

Buskin’ Blues - U.K Premiere
(United States)
Language – English
Documentary (Music)
61 Mins
Director: Erin Derham
Writer: Erin Derham
Stars: Andrew J Fletcher, Big Nasty Jazz Band, Peter Levitov.

In the small mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina, a mysterious subculture of world-class street musicians reveal their troubles and triumphs in using public performance to disrupt indifference, hone their talents, and foster community.