Showing on Saturday March 5th at 2:30pm @ Odeon Printworks

Director, Producer Q and A

Directed by Jay Shapiro

(United States)

Starring- Abhinav Sekhri, Tomer Treger, Jonathan Morgan, Areej Alragabi, Olga Koroleva, Kenny Lau, Maurice Muhumaza

Runtime- 96 minutes

English Language and Subtitles

How are international disputes resolved through dialogue? ALL RISE brings this complex question into sharp and personalized focus, through the stories of six passionate international law students competing in the Jessup, the largest simulated court proceeding of its kind. Against the backdrop of the dramatic world championships in Washington, DC, this moving film lays bare the tragedies, triumphs and transformations that are unique to this tournament. 

Diving into the compelling stories of our protagonists, we see six unique sides of the Jessup story - six young people struggling against hardship, poverty, war, and inequity - but we also see a shared story of passionate scholars overcoming unimaginable pressure to persevere in one of academia’s most rigorous challenges. Some crumble. Some thrive.



Showing on Saturday March 5th at 2:30pm @ Odeon Printworks