Michka Saal / Canada / 76 Minutes / English Language

Starring: Ricky Ford, John Betsch, Sangoma Everett, Bobby Few, Kirk Lightsey, Steve Potts


A 10-year project documenting Ricky Ford’s gathering of 75 respected American jazz musicians living in France. It centers around the recreation of a celebrated photo by Art Kane but on the steps of Montmartre. The film gives an insight into what influenced these musicians with stories of their past as well their own reasons as to why they moved to France. 

Discussing racial issues, what it was like working as a musician 50 years ago and exploring the question of artistic exile. A Great Day in Paris showcases these peoples’ passion for music and their bonds of friendship cemented over the transmission of ancient knowledge. 

Includes the short documentaries Field to Smoke and There's A Hell Of A Racket Coming From Your House, Mrs. Wood

Playing on Sunday 10th March at 3:15PM