Showing on Sunday March 6th at 2:30pm @ Odeon Printworks

Directed by Daniela Amavia

(United States)

Starring- Abigail Spencer (Mad Men, Suits, True Detective), Cheyenne Jackson (United 93, American horror Story, 30 Rock), Collette Wolfe (Interstellar, Young Adult,)

Runtime- 98 minutes

English language

A group of five friends reunite for one night to save beautiful dancer, Romy (Abigail Spencer), who was at the center of their former circle. As the night progresses they struggle with their past relationships and finally truths are revealed as Romy, who has barricaded herself in the bathroom, tries to put the pieces of her life back together. This thrilling journey into the mind of a woman teetering on the edge of letting go ultimately asks “if your life flashed before your eyes- would you like what you see?” and reveals a gripping story of how the past shapes who we will become.

Go see this if you like...Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan' or the works of author Haruki Murakami.

* Part of the 'Inspiring Women in Film' programme to coincide with Manchester's 2016 'Wonder Woman' season.


Showing on Sunday March 6th at 2:30pm @ Odeon Printworks