Jörg Courtial | Germany | 9 minutes | English Language

Rome: 80 AD. You are standing in the arena of the extravagantly decorated Colosseum surrounded by 50,000 cheering spectators and witness a bitter fight between two gladiators directly in front of you. This is a fight to the death - and you are in the middle of it. Later, you find yourself in the emperor's loge, observing the triumphant and the fallen far beneath you. The populous bellows, they have already decided. Now it is up to Emperor Titus to pass judgement on the defeated...

This VR-film brings a never before seen intensity to the extravagance, emotion, but also brutality of the roman world. 
Through an innovative in-house developed camera system for capturing live footage, the viewer can not only experience the virtual world in 360 degrees and stereo 3d, but also surround himself with live actors in a fashion yet to be experienced in VR. Since they are as close as never before! A totally new, very intense and visceral VR experience. 

Playing for free in the Eon Reality MANIFF VR Hub